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Summarizing Tool

What Is the Purpose of the Summarizer?

Summarizing tool is an AI-powered utility that can easily convert lengthy sentences into short and concise ones. A summarizer would simplify the text and would keep it to the point.

Summarizing refers to creating a simplified version of content having a lot of information in it. This summarizer can easily change three to four passages into a single paragraph with just one click. Users can save a lot of time wasted in the manual summarizing of text with our tool.

Use This Text Summarizer for:

  • Creating a summary of different assignments.
  • Create an overview of a big research papers.
  • To summarize news into catchy headlines.
  • To change the style of the text.
  • To create a conclusion for essays and blog posts.

How to Use the Text Summarizer?


1) Enter Text

The first step is to paste the text into the text box of the tool or upload a document from local/cloud storage.

2) Click on the “Summarize” Button

Tap on the summarize button below the input box and get your text summary in less than ten seconds.

3) Export, Check Grammar or Rephrase summarized text

Once you get the summary in the output box, you can export it in three different formats. You can also summarize text or check it for grammatical errors.

Features of The Text Summarizer

This online summarizing tool has the smartest features. Driven by advanced AI-powered algorithms, which helps it simplify lengthy content without damaging its main idea or intent. The main idea and points of the input text will be stated in summary.


Smart Summarizing

Unlike most other summarizers, our tool doesn’t just shrink the word count of the input content. Rather it reads your text, understands its core idea, and generates a unique summary on the basis of its analysis. It can shorten your text in a very smart manner.

Free to Use

A big feature of this text summarizing tool is that it comes with a free version. You don’t have to pay anyone to summarize the text on your behalf. You can do it with a few clicks, and that too for free. You can choose to use the premium version if you are satisfied with the results.

Multi-Lingual Support

Just to cater diverse needs of people on the internet, we have integrated multiple languages into our summarizer so that maximum people can take advantage of our services. Users can generate a summary of the text in the language they want.

User Friendly

This summarizing tool is very easy to use. Unlike other complicated ones, it doesn’t require you to register or sign up. The summary generator has a simple layout, and even a new user can learn how to use it like an expert.

Extract Most Relevant Information with a Click

  • Avid readers can quickly extract the essence of long news articles.
  • Researchers can directly jump to the crux of lengthy research papers.
  • Any confusing paragraphs can be comprehended precisely.
  • Journalists can extract bullet points for headline creation.
  • Writers can have the gist of whole long story in seconds.

Where this Summarizer Comes in Handy

Well, this is probably the most efficient summarizer available online fueled with AI that doesn’t look away minutest details and retains the crux. You can instantly extract the most important information scattered in a lengthy write up in seconds.

  • This directly complements better academic writing for students.
  • Journalists and reporters can ensure swift and accurate reporting.
  • Researchers can save time by reaching conclusions of lengthy articles.
  • Writers can take inspiration and ideas from long articles.

AI Supported


Central Idea Extraction


Humanlike Working


Lightning Fast Process

Why Use the Summarizing Tool by Rephraser.Co?


Easy to Read Summaries

This is probably the biggest and foremost advantage of this simple summarizer tool. The content summarized using this tool never sounds robotic; instead, it feels self-written. You cannot tell the difference between a summary created by this tool and a professional writer.

User-Friendly Layout

The design and layout of this online summary generator are so simple and easy to use that even a beginner can use it without any difficulty. The whole process consists of three easy steps and doesn’t take more than a few seconds.


More Work in Less Time

This tool is largely meant for content creators, marketers, and even students who deal with piles of content. You can literally summarize thousands of words worth of content by making smart use of the premium summarizer, which means less effort and more work.