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How This Paraphrasing Tool Can Help You Write Quicker and Better

This AI paraphrasing tool is helpful for researchers, content creators, students, and even common users.

Using this paraphraser tool online you can quickly paraphrase various versions of the same text that are more clear and maintain the exact same sense. To be precise, you can change the old text with new synonyms and sentence structure with the help of this paraphrase tool.

What this tool does for you:

  • It prevents plagiarism and copied text
  • Recreates old text with new sentences and synonyms
  • Improves the writing style and brings more clarity
  • Produces perfectly humanlike content with zero effort

Filter text piracy and plagiarism


Reproduce old text with new outlook


Enhance readability and clarity


No robotic tone in text

How to Start Paraphrasing using


Paste Text

Begin by simply pasting the text or import file from your system


Hit the Paraphrase Button

Now click on the Paraphrase button right below the box


Copy the Text

The paraphrased text can be copied or exported in different formats


Save Time & Resources is an intelligent paraphrasing tool that has made paraphrasing online quite simple and easy. It helps you save your time and resources.


Quality Enhancer


Dynamic Modes


19 Languages Supported

Different Modes for Different Users

General Mode

This is the basic mode that simply replaces synonyms, slightly modifies the sentence structure, improves the readability and generates a different version with same sense.


Academic Mode

As the name clearly suggests, this mode is especially designed for students. It uses a formal writing tone used in academic write ups. Moreover, it is designed to retain references, quotes, and citations.

Blog Mode

This mode is programmed for content marketers and professional writers. It simply freezes the keywords and maintains their right placement and frequency.



Fluency mode of this sentence rephraser is designed to remove all grammatical issues and tune the text to make it look natural and conversational. It also replaces difficult words with commonly used synonyms and ensures to retain the same meaning.


As its name suggests, word rephraser’s formal mode is used for formal and professional writing. It changes all slang, slurs, and casual words with the most appropriate formal words to make the text look perfectly formal and professional.


Features of Our Online Paraphrase Tool

This online word rephraser comes with smart features supported by the most advanced AI algorithms that recreate the text without changing its original meaning.

Efficient Paraphrasing

This is not just another common paraphrase tool online that changes synonyms and produces a robotic output, instead, it allows you to paraphrase efficiently with high quality humanlike content.

Cost Friendly

Initially the paraphrasing tool allows you for sufficient free testing to help make your mind whether to buy the premium version or not. Once you get used to its quality, it becomes easier to decide.

Multiple Languages

Its multi lingual feature enables you to paraphrase text in different supported languages like Spanish, French, German etc. Multiple languages cater to diverse needs of our users worldwide.

Removes Plagiarism

This online sentence paraphraser modifies each sentence and switches words with most appropriate synonyms reducing any probability of plagiarism left in the input text.

What users are saying about us

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Why Only

Produce human level paraphrased text

Humanlike Content

This paraphrasing tool online offers multiple advantages and biggest one is the content quality that reads perfectly like human written. You do not need a thorough and intense editing at all. Most part is done already.

Easy to Use

It’s simple and user friendly layout is quite easy to use. Even a common user or a layman can easily paraphrase online with the help of this tool without acquiring any professional help right from start to finish.

User Friendly Layout
Paraphrase text with ease

Much Productive

This paraphrase tool is largely meant for content marketers. Moreover, students can also take great advantage with its smart usage. Piles of articles, essays, and random write ups can be paraphrased within seconds and repurposed.

AI Powered Paraphrasing – Way Better & Easier than Manual paraphrasing

Paraphrasing has long been a technical and complex skill to master. Despite its diverse uses in daily and professional life, people hardly liked paraphrasing but now, you’d literally love it when all it takes is a click.

  • Paraphrase large texts within matter of seconds
  • Paraphrase in multiple languages with multi lingual feature
  • AI supported paraphrased text reads human and natural
  • The overall quality beats self paraphrased text

Who Can Use this Paraphrase Tool Online?

  • Students can paraphrase their essays and papers
  • Content marketers can paraphrase content for repurposing
  • Professional writers can use it to improve the overall style
  • Content writers can take assistance in their formal write ups