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Grammar Checker

What Is the Purpose of the Grammar Checker Tool?

Use our grammar checker to improve your content quality. This AI powered grammar checker is perfect for reviewing your document for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Writing error-free content can be difficult even for experienced writers. There is always a chance that even a well written content can have grammatical mistakes and other human errors in it. The grammar checker by can scan content and fix all issues it finds in write-up.

Use Our Grammar Checker to:

  • Fix grammar errors in all types of content.
  • Add missing punctuation in your draft.
  • Avoid any spelling mistakes in your work.
  • Improve overall quality of content before submission.

How to Use this Grammar Checker?


1) Input Text

Enter text in the input section. You can also import files from your local drive.

2) Click On “Check Grammar” Button

You need to click on the grammar check button. The scan would be completed within seconds.

3) Export Checked Content or Paraphrase/Summarize It

Once the content is improvised by the grammar checker you can copy and export it. You can rephrase the checked content or you can also summarize it.

Features of our Grammar Checker

Our grammar checker comes with the most advanced features which makes it better than any other utility in this league.


100% Accurate Checking

The biggest advantage of our grammar checker is that it provides 100% better results than any other tool in this competitive field. Our grammar checker can find missing punctuations, wrong spellings and grammatical mistakes with complete accuracy.

Friendly on Pocket

Checking grammar is the need of almost every writer and student. The benefit of using the grammar checker by is that it is cost friendly. You can check and improve three documents for free in a day. Users who are satisfied with the results of the free version can buy the premium plan.

Works in Multiple Languages caters to diverse needs of users across the globe. Our grammar checker tool works in multiple languages. You can check grammatical mistakes in content written in different languages. This way people from all across the globe can benefit from this tool.

Improves Content Quality

The grammar checker by doesn’t only scans and finds human errors but also fixes them with the best possible solutions. You can improve the quality and readability of content with our tool.

Great Things to Do with Grammar Checker

  • Make every type of writing error free, smooth, and grammatically correct.
  • Perform professional level editing and proofreading in all formal write ups.
  • Improve and enhance your writing skills by eliminating repeated errors.
  • Make flawless correspondence in business and any formal set ups.
  • Inspire readers with well articulated & rightly punctuated sentences.

Popular Reasons to Try Our Grammar Checker!

The grammar checker by is one of the most trusted tools available on the internet. The content optimizer is powered by AI-powered algorithms which helps it fix minor as well as major errors in input content. You can try our tool because:

  • The output content is optimized and free of all human errors.
  • You can easily check and improve up to 1500 words in a day.
  • Content checked and optimized by our tool is easily readable.
  • The multilingual feature of our tool helps it cover different regions across the globe.
  • You rephrase and even summarize the checked content with in built tools .

AI Fueled


Writing Improvement


Swift Correction/Proofreading


Flawless Readability

Why Only the Grammar Checker by Rephraser.Co?


Simplifies Process of Proofreading

Manual proofreading is not easy yet is very important for every writer and student. This handy grammar checker tool helps a user proofread a piece of content in less than five seconds. Not to mention, it can also improve the quality of content by removing the petty errors.

Free spell, punctuation & grammar correction

Our grammar checker is considered to be the best solution for all people related to content writing. This is because this all-in-one tool can find and fix all kinds of human mistakes found in your input content. This includes wrong spellings, missing punctuations and technical grammar issues.


Turns corrections into a learning experience

The grammar checker by is a very reliable tool for newbie students and writers. The tool can fix human errors. Users can learn about the mistakes they have made in their content and can make it a learning experience. The issues found in content can be avoided in future writings.