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By considering the diverse needs of users, we have added a couple of new writing modes to that you will surely find useful and valuable. 

You can take a bird’s eye view of these two writing modes: 1) Formal 2) Fluency 

1. Formal 

Formal writing mode alters the text so that it sounds more professional and looks natural. 

It is a great choice for subjects that are a little bit more serious. 

This writing mode gives a helping hand to scholars, researchers, students, and authors. In this mode, paraphrases the content for a formal setting. 

It makes sure that the text is written in a less personal tone. Plus, it also ensures the paraphrased text is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

Here is how to use this writing mode when paraphrasing text:

i. Press the “Formal” option.

ii. Copy-paste your text into it and click on the “Rephrase” button. 

2. Fluency

This writing mode of rephraser makes sure that the paraphrased text sounds unique. Moreover, it also ensures that there are no grammatical mistakes in the text. 

It makes the fewest changes in the text, and synonyms are put on a comparatively low setting without altering the meaning of the source file. 

However, it does not change the passive voice sentences. 

Here is how to benefit from this writing mode when rephrasing text:

i. Press the “Fluency” button.

ii. Copy-paste your text into it and hit the “Rephrase” button. 

We hope you will find these two writing modes helpful.