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How to Paraphrase in 5 Easy Steps

Paraphrasing literally means reproducing or rewriting an already written text. In this process, you change the wording of the source file without changing its original intent.

In simple words, when you are paraphrasing something, you are actually relying on given information and transforming it in your own words.

Do you not know how to paraphrase content efficiently? No worries!

With that in mind, we have written this blog post so that you may paraphrase the content easily. Just stick around this blog post! avoid plagiarism

What is the purpose of paraphrasing?

Why do you need to paraphrase content when you can just quote the sources?

Well, content is considered as the KING in digital marketing and there isn't a better way to persuade a client than using impressive written content. 

Paraphrasing content provides you with multiple benefits. A few of them are discussed below.

i. Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism occurs when you copy-paste the exact same text without replacing the words with suitable synonyms. 

When you replace the words of the original text with suitable synonyms, the chances of plagiarism die down.

Hence, paraphrasing lets you avoid plagiarism. 

ii. Fine-tuning your word choice 

Sometimes all you want to do is rewrite the original text in your own words. 

This may be done for these reasons:

  • Represent your writing style

  • Prefer your own word choice

 In any of these two cases, paraphrasing allows you to choose your own words or phrases while keeping the central message of the original text unchanged.

Five steps to paraphrase content like an expert

1. Copy-paste the text

Visit the homepage of our efficient paraphrasing tool

Now, paste the text you want to paraphrase into its input section.

Also, you can import text from your local storage by clicking on the “Upload” button.

2. Click the “Paraphrase” button

After pasting the source text into the input area, now is the time to hit the “Paraphrase” button.

Our online paraphraser rewords the content within a few seconds. 

3. Download the paraphrased content

Now, press the “Export” button to download the rephrased text in your desired format. 

4. Proofread the paraphrased text

After downloading the rephrased text, it’s time to proofread it and give it a professional look.

Our credible paraphrasing tool offers you various additional facilities like grammar checking and summarizing on top of paraphrasing. You can scan the entire text for any probable grammatical mistakes and root out

all such flaws with a click.

5. Trim the long sentences

Last but not least, enhance your content readability by trimming all the lengthy sentences.

Make your text easy to read and scan. Use 1-2 line paragraphs so your readers do not get stuck. 

Want to paraphrase content manually? Follow these four steps!

There are a few things you need to know before paraphrasing text. These steps let you paraphrase content professionally. Here you go!

1. Understand the source text

First things first! In order to paraphrase text like a pro, you need to analyze the text thoroughly and understand it. Yes, you need to review the source text several times until you have a crystal-clear idea of what the

writer is trying to discuss. 

2. Write about what you remember

After understanding the source material, now is the time to test your own memory. Start writing about the text you analyzed. Avoid writing the original information as it is. Instead, try to write it in your own words. 

In this way, you can test your memory and writing skills. 

3. Play with impressive words 

It’s time to strike with the best words. Focus on sentence structure and style. Try to make the content unique while keeping the original source intent unchanged. 

4. Replace the similar text 

To check the content’s originality, you can compare the paraphrased content with the source text. In this way, you can change the words or phrases that are close to the original text. Now, read the source file and

check whether any major detail is missing. You can add all the important details in the paraphrased text. 

These four steps will help you paraphrase content manually. In addition to mastering these steps, there are the top five paraphrasing techniques you must know. 

These techniques will assist you in paraphrasing content like an expert. 

Final Thoughts 

Following the above-mentioned five steps, you can paraphrase content effortlessly. So, paraphrase content without any hassle. If you have queries related to this blog post, you can ask in the comment section below.